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Legal assistance in the following fields:

  • provision of consultations on the legal issues of financial, economic and other activities, provision of legal implications and interpretations on the current Ukrainian legislation
    • provision of verbal and written consultations, interpretations, recommendations on the current Ukrainian legislation and its application when carrying out economic and financial activity;
    • formulation of legal implications and drawing up of official notes in legal matters of a client's activities;
    • identification of the field of legal regulation and provision of legal acts on client's demand;
    • services in obtaining information for the client via filing of attorney's requests.
  • launching and support of legal document flow, development of blank and standard forms, formulation of any documents in legal and other fields of client's activities
    • development of draft agreements, contracts, instructions of any kind, other documents of legal nature;
    • carrying out of legal review of agreements, contracts, instructions of any kind, other documents of legal nature;
    • legal review of models of management organization of an economic agent proposed by the client, and development of internal, corporate and other local documents for proposed projects with regard to requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation; expert examination of client's existent local legal acts with a view to their compliance to the requirements of the current legislation and their optimization taking into account the interests of the latter;
    • organization and optimization of internal document flow of the client.
  • claim administration
    • pre-trial settlement of disputes, mediation;
    • formulation and maintenance of claim and moving papers;
    • initiation and conducting of litigations and other jurisdictional processes.
  • representing of clients' interests in their relations with the business partners, public authorities, judicial bodies, other jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional bodies as regards the protection and realization of the clients' lawful rights and interests
    • representing of client's interests and participation in negotiations with national and foreign business partners;
    • representing of client's interests during pre-trial dispute settlement, during the very consideration of a case in judicial and other jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional bodies;
    • legal support and representation of the client's interest at the execution of judgments (in court enforcement action);
    • protection and representation of the client's interests in central and local government authorities, local authorities, in relations with enterprises of any form of ownership.
  • legal and other support to obtaining permits, licenses, and patents
    • legal support to the client's participation in administrative procedures, inter alia, in Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, licensing authorities (obtaining of permits, licenses, patents, etc.);
    • judicial and administrative appeal against public and local authorities rejection to provide permits, licenses, and patents; appeal against unlawful decisions, actions or passivity of officials of such authorities.
  • analysis, planning, and implementation of economic entities' takeover and separation projects, and optimization of their organizational structure (restructuring)
    • establishment and state registration of new economic entities;
    • restructuring of existent economic entities (mergers, separation, spin-offs);
    • support in liquidation of economic entities;
    • legal support for other registration procedures (change of name, location, amount of statutory capital, etc.)
  • legal support in investment activities
    • support for investment in the form of in acquisition of real estate and other property;
    • legal implementation and state registration of foreign investment;
    • legal assistance in activities on securities market and organization of corporate portfolios.
  • legal footwork of foreign economic activity
    • drawing up and expert review of foreign economic contracts;
    • analysis and development of legal patterns and models of business partners cooperation with a foreign element;
    • representation of client's interests in international arbitrage proceedings.
  • restoration of debtor's solvency, liquidation and other procedures in enforcement actions in bankruptcy cases, all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings
    • representation of client's interests in enforcement actions in cases of debtor's solvency restoration or client's adjudication in bankruptcy;
    • provision on client's demand of information and reference data on contractor's status in respect to potential bankruptcy proceedings (existence of open proceedings in bankruptcy cases and participation of a contractor in them, etc.).
  • adjustment of client's accounts payable and accounts receivable
    • participation in adjustment of client's debt at the stage of pre-trial procedures;
    • enforcement or settlement of debt by means of participation and representation of client's interests in judicial and other jurisdictional procedures, and court enforcement action.
  • representation and services in the sphere of protection and realization of intellectual property rights
    • registration of client's title in intellectual property (obtaining of title documents: licenses, patents, etc.);
    • pre-trial and jurisdictional protection of client's infringed intellectual property rights.
  • tax consulting
    • tax planning, drawing up of supplementary budgets of economic entities;
    • representation in relations with tax authorities, in appeal procedures and tax disputes.
  • legal services to natural persons
    • family lawyer services;
    • representation in civil, family, and criminal proceedings;
    • legal consultations.
  • other services
    • document conservation services, conservation of other items in "lawyer's safe-deposit".

Comprehensive approach

  • quality
  • professionalism
  • package policy

Scientific works

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